Frequently Asked Questions

What type of programs are offered at Bridle Up Hope?
The Bridle Up Hope programs are one-of-a-kind. They are Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) programs that focus on helping girls and women learn principles of horsemanship and life skills through The 7 Habits. 

Bridle Up Hope is not a therapy program, a mental health clinic, a treatment center, or a “riding club.”

For whom are the programs designed?
Bridle Up Hope offers two progams. The Girl’s Signature Program is designed for girls, ages 12-25, who may lack confidence or self-worth, or who may have lost hope. The Women’s Riding Program is for women age 26 and older who want to experience Bridle Up Hope and help sponsor a girl through the program.

Please visit our “Programs” page for more information.

What is your program availability?
The Bridle Up Hope programs are offered year-round at our headquarters in Alpine, Utah.

We do our best to accomodate every applicant that would be well served by the program soon after they apply. However, sometimes there is a waiting list due to very high demand for the program.

Can boys participate in the Bridle Up Hope riding programs?
No, the Bridle Up Hope programs are specifically designed for girls and women. However, there may be opportunities for boys to participate in service projects at the facility, such as Eagle Scout Projects. Please contact us if you are interested in providing service.
How can I become a volunteer at Bridle Up Hope?
We love our volunteers!

If you are between the ages 12-25, in order to be a volunteer at Bridle Up Hope, you must first be accepted into the Girl’s Signature Program. Once in the program, you commit to volunteering at the barn one hour per week. There is always something to be done at the barn, so feel free to volunteer as much as you would like during the scheduled volunteer hours. After you graduate from the program, you can earn a free riding lesson for every ten hours of volunteer work. We love to have our program graduates stay involved at Bridle Up Hope for a long time.

If you are age 26 or older and have experience with barn chores or horse management, please send us an email about how you would like to volunteer at the barn.

Where do the programs take place?

The Bridle Up Hope headquarters is a beautiful ranch located in Alpine, Utah. Our address is 1141 East Watkins Lane, Alpine, UT 84004.

Bridle Up Hope also has another program in the Netherlands, and has plans to expand to select locations around the world. Contact us if you are interested in starting a Bridle Up Hope program in your community.

Does it cost me anything to participate?

For the Girl’s Signature Program, we ask each participant to cover a subsidized cost of $1,800 for the program. The actual cost to Bridle Up Hope is approximately $2,500 per girl, but generous donors help to subsidize the full cost. It’s really expensive to run an equestrian program! Program scholarships are generally available for those who demonstrate financial need and apply for a scholarship.

The Women’s Riding Program costs $1,800 for each participant. Unfortunately, scholarships are not available for this program. Bridle Up Hope uses these funds to help sponsor girls in need of the program.

Do I need to have prior horse experience to participate?
No, you don’t need to have any prior experience with horses. Our skilled and caring instructors will teach you everything you need to know.
What should I wear to my riding lessons?
For the comfort of the rider, please wear long pants and riding boots (boots are provided at the barn if you don’t have them). Helmets must be worn and are provided at the barn. In the wintertime, bring a jacket, hat, and gloves, and dress in layers.

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